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Everyone has a soft spot for kittens, puppies, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals. The Animals category is devoted to pets and wildlife. The companionship of reptiles and other unusual creatures is also a pleasure. You'll find all of this and more here. If you have a query about pets, our free PDF magazines will answer it.

Will all the necessary information about habits and special features of your pets, observations of wild animals in the natural environment, beautiful photos of nature. Anyone who cares for animals and pets will find this magazine to be a hallowed place. Here you'll find magazines that explore the wildlife, discuss horseracing, bird-watching, and much more! So you can find everything you need in this category of PDF magz. Now you may explore for free. Want to read up on your favorite animal or pet? Explore all types of animal magazines here and learn more about the care and protection of your pets. Also, learn about wild animals.