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This PDF collection contains celebrity news magazines and tabloids dealing with the lives of celebrities across the world. One of the most popular categories among our free PDF magazines is news and celebrity news. All the latest celebrity news and hot gossips with exclusive stories and photos plus new celebrity hairstyles, fashion, looks, beauty, wedding, and break-ups., who got married and who divorced last week, who was discovered cheating and who fell in love again, all of these stories can be found in the category that reveals varied news about celebrities and notable individuals. Free PDFs are available here for you. The Hollywood Reporter and others to satisfy your curiosity about your favorite stars.

The pages of those free PDF include the most shocking news. Exciting articles with beautiful photographs of your favorite celebs. So you may discover anything you need in this PDF magazine category. Get the latest celebrities' news, gossips, and entertainment news with our free pdf range of News & Celebrity News magazines.