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Fashion is the most recent trend that people are following. Our magazines cover both feminine and masculine fashion, and we have covered the most recent and fresh fashion trends, ranging from classic to the current style. Trendy footwear, jewelry, cosmetic tips and techniques, luggage, beauty suggestions, and much more are available. Our magazines explore and celebrate fashion trends and the people that follow them. From fabric to the color, lipstick to makeup, beauty to skincare, heels to casuals, you'll receive fashion suggestions to help you become a fashion star. Investigate your way through style with our style and lifestyle magazines in PDF format. Get the most recent beauty and lifestyle advice and read interviews with the most prominent fashion and lifestyle designers.

We grouped all the magazines about hairstyles, tattoos, and cosmetics. This category is known as the Style collection since it contains various style-related magazines. The collection is updated regularly with the most recent issues. We have assembled popular and latest style and lifestyle magazines worldwide to give your insight into the world of styling. The magazine is available for download in PDF format. Style your life according to the latest trends with our style & lifestyle magazines where you get the content about the latest trends in dresses, footwear, makeup, accessories hair & hairstyle, beauty & skincare, and much more.